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13 Jul

Top 11 Outdoor Recreation Adventures

What are the top 11 outdoor recreation adventures you can enjoy when you stay at Berkshires Lake Home?  

The Top 11 Outdoor Recreation Adventures near the Berkshires Lake Home are:
  1. Hiking
  2. Kayaking & Whitewater Rafting
  3. Skiing/Snowboarding/Snow Tubing
  4. Ziplining
  5. Swimming
  6. Golfing
  7. Sailing
  8. Cycling
  9. Fishing
  10. Water Tubing
  11. Rock Climbing
Learn to Fly

You can learn how to fly at the Berkshire Aviation/Great Barrington Airport flight school! Great Barrington Airport is a destination airport for visitors who come to enjoy the many year-round recreational activities, cultural events, fine dining, and boutique shopping that the city of Great Barrington and the Berkshires have to offer.  

Guided Walks & Canoe Trips

Berkshire Camino provides town-to-town guided walks and hiking journeys in the Berkshires.  And, if canoeing is your thing, Berkshire Canoe Tours is a family-owned and operated business that takes you on a relaxing, fun-filled, guided canoe trip on the scenic Housatonic River.

Up, Up, and Away

So, you’re not ready to fly a plane but still want to see the Berkshires from up high?  We’ve got something for you, too!  Go for an unforgettable journey in a hot-air balloon ride above the picturesque Berkshires through Spirit Ballooning. Float through the sky, pick leaves at treetop, and experience the wonder of weightlessness in Spirit Ballooning’s colorful balloons. Afterward, complete your adventure with traditional champagne or sparkling cider toast and a light picnic!

Learn to Ride a Horse!

But if you’d rather keep your feet closer to the ground, try horseback riding at Berkshire HorseWorks.  While Berkshire HorseWorks focuses on horse psychotherapy, they do offer horseback riding experiences for vacationers.  And for the kids, Berkshire HorseWorks offers Pony Paint Parties. What could be more fun?

Picnic in the Park

What could be more relaxing than a picnic in one of the Berkshires’ many parks?  The Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation manages state parks and oversees more than 450,000 acres throughout Massachusetts.  So, you’ve got your pick of perfect picnic spots! 

Sightseeing & Educational Activities

And for those who love to combine education with recreation, Natural Bridge State Park is a “must-see.” Natural Bridge State Park is home to the only natural, white marble arch in North America. The park’s namesake, Natural Bridge, is made of 550-million-year-old bedrock marble carved into its iconic arch by the forces of glacial meltwater over 13,000 years ago!  

Today, the Natural Bridge spans the bubbling Hudson Brook as it twists and tumbles through a steep, 60-foot gorge that is one of the best demonstrations of glacial erosion in New England. Inside the park, you can also tour an abandoned marble quarry and check out a man-made white marble dam–also the only one in North America.  Put Natural Bridge on your list of “gotta see” sightseeing destinations! 

Your vacation couldn’t come with more fun and adventure, so the Berkshires area is your perfect, year-round getaway.  Because there are all kinds of exciting activities all year round, there’s something for everyone–individuals, couples, and the whole family. Explore art, music, theater and action-packed adventures in the Berkshires!

So, where’s the best place to stay while you’re taking in all the sights and activities in the Berkshires?  Berkshires Lake Home 5-bedroom luxury rental home! It’s is the perfect stay for those who love outdoor action, adventure, and sightseeing. From hunting to hiking to kayaking to ziplining and more, stay at the Berkshires Lake Home luxury vacation rental home and explore the many activities the Berkshires has to offer. Because they’re all at close to “home” when you stay at Berkshires Lake Home!

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